The Joy and Comfort of Home

Apologies for the week of silence we just came through over here – I’m home in Canada for a few weeks and LOVING IT! Ah, the joy and comfort of home….fresh, clean, dry, sun-kissed air, and we are soaking it upppp! There has been almost no time for sitting in front of a computer– just catching up with friends, family and real green grass. Squirrels too. #didntknowimissedthem

A few thoughts I’ve had while here include:

Firstly the importance of the proverbial “village”

Being surrounded by family, friends and other helpful Canadians has been a game changer this week. “They” say it takes a village – and “they” are right. Modern living, in so many ways, has isolated families (especially moms who stay home with the tribe). It is a joy to entrust my sweet son to others who I know have only his best in mind. They get to enjoy his high energy in manageable doses, and I get….a break. Did I mention how much I’m enjoying using those breaks to get outdoors? He, for his part – can’t get enough of all of the attention, and has taken to his extended family like gravy on fries #poutine. Cutting edge kids are a product of who they spend time with.

Secondly, fresh air.

Feels so good. And it’s exciting and exhausting for littles. Days go by so fast when outdoor play is on the agenda. He can fall freely on the grass, learn about walking on different surfaces, see animals, develop the coordination it takes to kick a ball, imagine shapes in the clouds, and yell (not nearly as offensive when diffused into the atmosphere). It also facilitates deep, restful slumber. Cutting edge kids learn and grow through experience.

The Joy and Comfort of Home

Thirdly, variety within routine.

At home we’re pretty regimented on a daily basis. We eat almost the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day, he naps at the same time, goes to the playroom, reads stories, helps clean, talks to nana and then goes to sleep. Here we have been trying to maintain some semblance of a routine, but there is so much variety! Now there is bike time, swimming, shopping, church, music, soccer, parks, and anything he wants to eat at any time. Grazie, grandparents! He is so much more entertained, and as a result, there is so much less whining. Woot! Cutting edge kids thrive within routines where they know what to expect.

Fourthly, fun!

Breaking out of the ordinary, being in a different environment, having so many friends to play with, and no work for mom and dad means so much more fun! I think fun is an integral part of life and we need to have more of it. I’ve been reflecting on it this week – and realizing that the ordinary can be so amusing too. Fun shouldn’t be just for vacations – but a way of life. Cooking/cleaning/work/bedtime can be occasions of great joy if we can be intentional about it. Cutting edge kids learn through play and are a riot to be around!

The Joy and Comfort of Home

Fifth – good sleep routines

We have had the occasional case of the grumps here and there – owing entirely to a lack of sleep. Moving around between homes and trying to spend time with everyone we miss has admittedly cut into his sleep time – read about why this is so important here. We’re doing our best, but he’s definitely running a sleep deficit right now. The brains of cutting edge kids grow and organize themselves while they sleep – so make it a priority. Beauty sleep also makes them a feast for the eyes!

So… that’s it.  A sample of my thoughts over our first 7 days at home, back to our regular programming soon. Time to get back to my family and a nice glass of wine!

17 thoughts on “The Joy and Comfort of Home”

  1. Just like they always said, there is really no place like home… I also find it so relaxing every time I get a chance to visit our house in the province.. it gives me an opportunity to relax and unwind from the stress i got from work… it’s so peaceful that you can’t hear any noisy horns and buzzes from the city and all you do is to embrace the nature and reminisce all the great memories you have there!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Ana 🙂 That fresh air is something I never knew I’d miss, but it’s the hardest part of being away!

  2. Home sweet home. I completely agree that there’s no place like home. I always feel relieved somehow after coming from a big trip. Enjoy your time with your little one

    1. Awww, thanks so much Tescha 🙂 Totally agree – Being away makes us even more grateful for home!

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