How to Help Your Kids Become Saints

Hey ya’ll!  Last week I laid out my wishes for my son, and today I’m sharing some of the strategies that we are using – hopefully you can too – to help your kids become saints.

How to help your kids become saints

My son has been terrified by (and simultaneously intensely preoccupied with) our yellow vacuum cleaner since the day we brought it home. I mean, the little guy spends hours everyday talking about it, looking at it, opening the cupboard, saying he doesn’t want it and that he’s “not a brave boy”. That is… until two days ago.

Two days ago, our wonderful nanny was vacuuming the floor. Generally this means that Little is shrieking in my arms, clinging to me like a spider monkey, and reiterating repeatedly how much he “doesn’t want the vacuum cleaner”. Point taken son, point taken.

This time, things were different… he asked if we could go out and see the vacuum cleaner in action. So I took him into the living room and put him safely on the couch where the suction couldn’t get him. Then I cautiously told him I was going to get my glass of water from the table and I’d be right back! He bought it, and stayed there calmly by himself (!!) while the brightly colored instrument of torture darted around him. Then I showed him that I could touch it while it whirred and come out alive… with some hesitation he followed suit.

You see, for weeks, I’ve been telling him that he doesn’t need to be afraid of anything because the Holy Spirit is in him. God’s power and His very life will make him strong and courageous.

Two days ago, he touched the vacuum cleaner and then proclaimed “I’m a brave boy” and I said, “why bud?” “because of the Holy Spirit” Hallelujah! #joyfulmommoment #patsownback. (Later that day when I asked who was inside him making him brave, he said pancakes…) #takesbackthebackpat

I can’t think of a more important role or vocation I have been tasked with than helping my children to know, love, serve and bring others to Jesus. It’s also the one I happen to be most excited about! I love a challenge.

How to help your kids become saints

How to Help Your Kids Become Saints

This is a simple (entirely unordered) list of things we, as a family are doing and going to do to help our kids develop that relationship with joy and enthusiasm:

1. Pray for them – daily, nightly, hourly. Pray for their protection from evil and unwavering devotion to the Author of Love.
2. Walk the walk – be the loving hands and feet of Christ who extends mercy, grace, compassion and joy. Live the message.
3. Read God’s Word with and too them – It’s so wonderful to see how he loves to tell the stories of Daniel, Jonah, Noah, Adam and Eve, and Jesus calling the 12 to all of his friends in the playroom. Sometimes we’ll be running around the living room, and he quotes the story of Jonah to me saying “you can’t outrun God mommy”! (He’s 2, people. This blows my mind.)
4. Play Hymns and holy music around the house – I do have a musician husband… so this one is a given (read about why just singing with your child is so important here). His toy guitar and microphone are some of the best gifts he has ever received. Matt Maher’s youngest fan up in here! From the mouth of babes….
5. Have a library of great books in our home
6. Run a prayer group or Bible study from our home
7. Observe the Sabbath day as a family – remember to dedicate it to the LORD and worship Him as a family
8. Pray together – every evening after dinner as a family
9. Surround our family with other faithful families – (especially while they are young) so that they see good examples everywhere – and have friends who will encourage and support them
10. Watch wholesome programming – Brother Francis…. If you have met my son, he has asked you to “Puh-leeeease put on Brother Francis. Please.”
11. Continue to help out at lots of retreats – my husband leads worship, and I speak…. So bring the kids along to be surrounded… it takes a village!
12. Be involved in serving the community as a family – things like helping out at a food bank, a seniors day care or nursing home, fundraisers at church…
13. Send of them on a “come and see” weekend – (probably only in their late teens) to aid in discerning their vocations and meet outstanding priests and nuns
14. Go to adoration, confession and daily mass – as much as possible, and as a family
15. Study the Bible, the Catechism and debate moral teachings together as a family over dinner and on long drive

Goodness! I thought of 20 more ways to help your kids become saints while I was writing this… but…did you even make it to here? #patsyouonback. Thanks for sticking through this with me, friend ☺

May the same Holy Spirit make us bold witnesses to inspire our children, and through them – the world.

36 thoughts on “How to Help Your Kids Become Saints”

  1. Beautiful post 🙂 I will surely share this with my family and friends with little ones + it’s such a wonderful thing to remind ourselves of as well.

    1. Awww, thanks so much Ty! Appreciate you stopping by and sharing it with others that it might help 🙂

    1. right! otherwise I would be a total hypocrite and I don’t think he would listen to anything I say!

  2. This is probably one of the best lessons we can impart on them. These are very good pointers for teaching your kids to be faithful to the faith and to use it as a tool to live a good life!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth 🙂 I agree! it can be tough in today’s climate… but I totally think it’s the most important.

  3. He is so cute. When I was a little girl I think I was afraid of washing machine and my brother the same, from the vacuum cleaner. But, I didn’t have any troubles with mobile phones, I got my first one when I was six and it was an Ericson, it was so wide and had an antene. I miss those days!

    1. YES! I think praying for them is the most important thing for sure. (that one was ordered 🙂 haha!

  4. Wonderful points! In my culture those are very easily forgotten, but when I was a kid we had Sunday schools and everything connected to religion was more comment and part of every day life. I think playing that calming music at home is a very good thing.

    1. Thanks Liz! I agree – all about immersion in the right things so that they are exposed to the good, and the wholesome 🙂

    1. Thanks Rosie 🙂 It is a beautiful thing indeed – having a son is such a delightful journey! can’t get enough of those snuggles!

  5. What a lovely post! I’m not a parent but I can only imagine what a loving parent must do to teach good lessons to their children so they grow up being amazing individuals. My parents were absolutely amazing parents who really shared/tauht their faith and compassion

    1. I’m so happy to hear that about your family Jennifer 🙂 Being a parent is a pretty serious (and awesome) responsibility – I’m sure you will take it on one day with a ton of grace!

    1. Thanks Crystal 🙂 Please do share these ideas with anyone they might help! Appreciate you stopping by!

    1. haha – i think of it as exposure to the right things that will equip them to chose it on their own 🙂 I feel like if we’re not intentional about it, there are just too many other things in this noisy world vying for his attention and affection. thanks for stopping by though Katie!

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