I’m Vanessa (last-name-still-in-transition) #yaymarriage! A born and raised Northern Girl from Canada, now living in the humid heat of Dubai.

Cutting Edge Kid - AboutBack in 2013 I married my dream stud muffin and one year later to the date, we (mostly, I) gave birth to the sweetest, loudest, most hilarious little saint-maker (parenting is hard! Collective AMEN?).

Our family is little, but with big plans. I hope all of ya’ll can say that second bit. God willing we hope to add to our tribe and raise kids who will go into the world with passion and purpose, solutions and salvation.

This blog is a place where I will chronicle our experience in parenting with purpose. I’m technically a Dr. Nurse (a nurse with a PhD) who is passionate about research. #ALLTHERESEARCH. In our family we believe in eating whole, nourishing food, setting goals, living simply (and under budget) constant-consistent-never-ending learning, and the value of doing difficult and different things. Stud Muff and I are on a quest to raise virtuous, driven children by feeding their bodies, hearts, minds and souls with good things. Delightful things. Things that are not always easy.

As parents we don’t get to make our kids life decisions, but we have a serious role in shaping how they do. I hope that this can become a community of parents who inspire each other to have a bigger vision for our kids than our culture encourages. In sharing our experiences, together, we can raise our kids to dream big exciting dreams and help equip them with the skills and attitudes they need to get there. For more about the vision, click here.

You are also welcome to get in touch with me at vanessa@cuttingedgekid.com

Check back here every Wednesday for easy tips and tricks that can help you to raise Cutting Edge Kids.

Welcome, I hope you stay a while.