A 30 Year Old Mom – Lessons Learned

Hellooooo world! I’m a 30 year old mom!

Hard to believe and yet…. FINALLY. I polled the whole store when we were glasses shopping last week to make sure that my new frames would make me look older. Or at least over 16 – and I think we were successful. Stay tuned. This girl is growing up 🙂

A 30-year old mom - Lessons learned - Cutting Edge Kid

Is it okay if we go a little off-road today and do an update instead of a straight up cutting edge kid solution?

Virtual thanks!

So remember when I talked about how we do birthdays chez nous? (Read about our limited gifts approach here) – well husband did not disappoint. Every year since we got married he has planned a special overnight trip for us – Montreal, Niagara Falls, Ras Al Khaima resort and this time……drumrollllll…… ATLANTIS the Palm here in Dubai :). Man he’s a keeper.

I’d heard about this mystical land, and it lived up to the rumors. A suite bigger than our apartment, unlimited waterpark and aquarium access, calories for daysss, and my first night away from the son!

Surprise and soul searching - cutting edge kid
That washroom though!
Surprise and Soul Searching - Cutting Edge Kid
The view by night

A 30-year old mom - lessons learned - cutting edge kid

I woke up to a love letter, rose, latte, croissants and cannoli for breakfast (another husband win!), and we packed our bags for a secret destination, son in tow. 30 seconds after getting into the car, I began to hear “you are arriving at your destination” in Stud Muffin’s best GPS voice. And we were – this staycation was just minutes away in distance, but planets away in everything else.

I just think that these times away from reality – these little bites of carefree timelessness we enjoy are infinitely refreshing and so valuable for our little family. The son got to enjoy “so much fishies and stingrings” plus hours of fun in the lazy river, before husband dropped him off at home so we could enjoy a romantic dinner and peaceful slumber.

Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium - cutting edge kid

Atlantis Aquaventure - Cutting Edge Kid

People say that you can grow older without growing wiser and better. I bet it’s true. But I also think it’s hard to do if you have a child (or many). It is a serious reality check to see your worst self surfacing in his tiny ways, and an inspiration to see him choose to do good, to be kind, and so full of joy.

In my two years as his mother, I have learned that:

– Routines rule and make for a more peaceful home – but sometimes we just need to break free of them and have serious unencumbered fun
– Everything I say and do matters, but I am blessed to be given chance after chance
– Everyone is happier when the son is well rested (read about that here)
– Any time I overestimate his abilities, he comes through and lives up to my crazy expectations. So I expect a lot.
– Every little issue that we have as parents is a direct blessing from the LORD and one that develops a virtue we need (known or not)

So in this next year, and next decade of my life, I am working on becoming the best version of myself, so that I can be the best example to my children and the best wife to my most wonderful husband. I’ve seen kids who turn out to be wildly different from their parents, but by and large we are products of those who raise us. My birthday wish and constant prayer is that I would be an intentional mother that raises cutting edge kids who will raise other cutting edge kids and win this world for Good.

19 thoughts on “A 30 Year Old Mom – Lessons Learned”

  1. Hi! I found you through the Shine Blog Hop.

    I love the birthday get away idea! It looks and sounds like you are doing fantastic. From one 30 year old mom to another: Keep up the good work!

  2. Very sweet post! I love the points you made about lessons learned, especially “Everything I say and do matters, but I am blessed to be given chance after chance.” This is so true…our children watch everything we say and do and we have a direct bearing on the way they think and act. We are helping to shape their minds and their personality and after all the struggles and tears, all that’s left is parental example. We have to set the bar and keep it there, but since we fall short, we NEED those chances to redeem ourselves and show our children we mean business.

  3. What a nice way to spend your birthday! And a wonderful way to share and reflect on Motherhood! It really is quite nice when our littles amaze us with their abilities, even if we overestimate or have high expectations?! Plus, I know my little boys are always giving me chance after chance after chance to work on being a Mother, thus myself as a person! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Kendall! Being a mom is such a grace – I feel like I’m still in school with how much I’m learning :). Blessings to you!

  4. Happy belated birthday- it sounds like you had a wonderful time and what a wonderful little family you have. You are right about us wanting our children to be the best of us – everything I have a moan at my son (sometimes needed at the age of almost 4 believe me!), and then later he does the same and I say stop moaning, I think what a hypocrite I am! Sometimes it’s hard but I do try and think before I do! Almost 4 years olds don’t half push your buttons sometimes though! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Couldn’t agree more Lisa! Step one is admitting the problem eh? Haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Routines are good especially for a mom, but it’s good to relax and have some special time as well every now and then. So happy you had such a fantastic birthday! That’s how it should be.

    1. Thanks so much Tiina 🙂 I don’t know what I would do without our daily routine… return to chaos probably! hahah! but on vacation – chaos can be fun!

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